Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 1 - Just Touched Down In London Town

Day One.   

 This place is poxy mental, just as I was coming out of the underground for the first time I got a taste of what life in London was gonna be like. Four Harajuku girls in full ensemble, nobody batting an eyelid. Raging! I soon realised nobody cares, the place is too big for people to care. I could have been wearing an oasis pink tutu (flashbacks) and nobody would blink. These "people" were also in a major bleeding hurry, I was only trying to top up my oyster card and they were tutting, how dare I take so long like. Hmmmm - "unless ya want a bang of these two rather large suitcases I suggest ya back off, scumbags!" (In my head of course). I was feeling emaciated, hadn't eaten all day with the nerves in my stomach. It was late on the Sunday now and my first day of work was the following morning. Sick much!

Day Two

I thought I'd be brave and walk to work, try and find my way around a little bit, got there in no time. I was early - talk about eager beaver. I was brought up to the Oasis office, given my induction plan and introduced to all the different departments. I was in for a busy week. Thrown in at the deep end. I was delighted, it would help keep my mind off the fact that I was already missing home and I was only gone a wet day. Literally!
I was sent straight out to assist in setting up a brand conference, again experiencing something different; event organising. Twenty naked mannequins needed my attention and needless to say they were styled to within an inch of their plastic poxy lives by myself and the Oasis Visual Team (An Amazing bunch of girlos). They were FABOOSH! The room was FABOOSH. Day one over - second task just beginning - trying to get home when there's a tube strike was no easy task. Two hours later I made it in the door. Shower, eat, red wine, chat, music, bed (well actually sofa, i'm staying with friends for the first few days/weeks/adoption).

Day Three:

Took the tube and followed the directions on my ticket for the Oasis Brand Conference - It was held at the Louise Blouin Foundation - an amazing open gallery space - very edgy with that raw industrial kinda feel. Massive! The uplit mannequins shined when we walked into the room, showcasing the new packages and looks for the Oasis customer. My highlight, the knee length camel coat that wouldn't look out of place in the Aquascutum window on Bond St. It looked amazing and i'm sure it will be a sell out when it hits the stores. It was a day of meet and greets, too many new faces to remember even one name and i'm normally good at stuff like that. The presentaion was over, time to hit the Argyll St store for set up of Vogue Fashion Night Out. More mannequins, store layout and styling tips, tick, tick and tick. Job done!

Day Four:

After a nice little sleep in ( I had the morning off) it was time for Vogue Fashion Night Out - I was acting as resident stylist (homemade badge on shoulder of my friends borrowed jacket to prove it - scarlet!) Obviously everyone left looking amazing, goody bags in tow. Happy Days... In the window sat a layered burgundy and purple tone dress that drew customers to the store. The project design team had worked in collaboration with Lindsey Braddock, a young graduate designer to create a one off window display as we were soon entering London Fashion Week. It proved to be a big success and Lindsey was delighted with the display.

I was NOT delighted when I saw this photograph! The night was to get better. I met with Anthony (the guy who took me in) for the Vogue Rick Owens party (he gets these amazing invites to glitzy events lol). Champagne and canapes all round. I was starving after my twenty minute walk through the plush Mayfair, passing Matthew Williamson on my way, nearly asking him for directions until I realised who he was. Imagine. He did however remind me of Jafar from Aladdin! The party was "very fashion" Anthony had told me. He wasn't wrong. Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, designers from Victoria Beckhams label, website owners and socialites to name but a few. Out of place. Never! Gidde up on that (",) A few drinks and some noodles (from "Wok in a miniature box") later it was time to head back East. Bedtime.

Day Five:

It was time for my first Style File! - a monthy guideline publication for the company, issued to all stores from the Head Office Visual and Creative Team. The day was hectic, one of the flag stores (this month Poultry) was transformed in 9 hours by many hands. It was here that I realised it's the small things you do that make a difference. Loooooooong day, paid off, the store looked Faboosh and it was home time. The end of my first week. Delighted..

This weeks lesson "Time flies even when you're not having fun"

Over n Out!


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