Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Parisienne Rules

Why Paris Will Always Come Out On Top

In a time when so many of the major fashion houses are afraid to push boundaries due to the current and ongoing economic state, Louis Vuittons' latest offering was a breath of fresh air in a smoke filled room. Literally (Kate Moss walked the runway, smoke in hand, wearing a black brocade lace bodice with fur sleeves and wire strap knee boots yet managed to look amazing doing it). Marc Jacobs is a man with pulling power in the fashion industry and he proved it when Naomi Campbell, Carolyn Murphy and modern muse Jessica Stam all joined Moss on the runway.

It is so easy to design to the conformaties of a fashion house by following the inherent characteristics of the brand and its clothes but the task lies therein; making every collection appear unique from the next whilst still maintaining the brands commerciality and luxury appeal. Jacobs has perfected this at Vuitton and it didn't stop with the clothes. The set and the models all added to a beautiful show. The high gloss black star floor, the working lifts operated by real porters and the ornate gold detail spotted along the runway all played a part in making the show a huge success and the talk of Paris fashion week.

The clothes themselves consisted of a provocative fetish-esque fashion statement; tights to the thigh, luxe pencil skirts, oversize high gloss plastic and leather belts, structured jackets, button back blouses and fine fur in abundance. There was no sitting on the fence for Jacobs, it was a clear and progressive move to sex things up. That was plain for all to see as soon as Aymeline Valade opened the show in a sheer pencil skirt, thigh-highs in light dernier, a cordovan belt and a collared top. The "high class escort"  look that Jacobs set out to achieve was complete when he added a high gloss hat and matching chin strap. The extremeties of the fetish fascination resurged when sheer macs and rubber dominatrix boots marched the runway.

All n' all another great outing for Vuitton under the watchful eye of man of the moment Marc Jacobs (who just seems to be getting better looking after every collection)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang xx

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