Monday, October 18, 2010

I felt Xposed!

Wednesday, 29th September

It was time to go back to Dublin, this time for an extended stay. I was scheduled to work with the Oasis and Warehouse teams on promoting their new collections. First stop - bed, for a quick snooze then back to the action. Myself and Grace Mangan from the show were involved in an Xpose event in Warehouse in Dublin with the very talented Lisa Cannon. The talking point were the picks of the new season collection.

Here's a little snippet of the action from the day.  - Job done!

Friday, 1st October

Train will depart from platform 2 in ten minutes, the droning voice reverberated in my ears. It was way too early in the morning for loud noises and the like. I was meeting Holly Shortall from the show. We were offering style advice and a friendly face for the public opening of the new Warehouse store in Cork. Laughed for the majority of the train journey, my Cher Lloyd impression which I had down to a T, had Holly waking the entire carriage. Good times!
After a quick pick up in Cork by my London flat mate Laura we arrived at Warehouse. The new store concept, a refit not unbecoming of a Manhattan style loft conversion with exposed brickwork interior and metal cladding and rails at different levels. Clean lines and very minimal, me all over! ;-) 
It turned out to be a major laugh and a great evening for the store. The red carpet and free west coast cooler (gulp) made the customers feel right at home. A great team!

Me in Zara and McQueen and Holly with two models in new season Warehouse!

Saturday, 2nd October

After a Happy Birthday wish to one of my good friends Warren Duffy, it was into town for some meetings to do with Oasis brand merchandising and marketing. The Oasis fashion bus in conjunction with Xpose was arriving next week and the place was buzzing!

Tuesday, 5th October

It was time to set up the Oasis press room for a presentation to Irish press on the Oasis new season collection. The objective was simple - a minimal look with perspex rails hanging from the ceiling, five maticulously positioned mannequins sporting the new collection overlooking St Stephens Green. Sounds simple but it was really hard work. I then had to choose the clothes and style the fashion bus for the folowing mornings photoshoot and filming day in Dundrum. Job done. Time to rush back to town for the Peter O' Brien fashion show in Arnotts. Peter, one of the judges from the show was showcasing his first collection in collaboration with Arnotts. The looks, a simple silouette, tailored to perfection, luxurious and sophisticated chic, like a 1950's Parisian woman walking along on the banks of the Seine. This seasons popular colour palette of camel and black once again prevailed. A brilliant show! Huge congratulations to Peter who was a brilliant judge and friend on StyleWARS. He offered invaluable advice for which I will be forever grateful. 

Peter with his wonderful collection in the background.

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