Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The other side of the PRESS!

Wednesday, 13th October

It was time to hit the road with the Oasis press team. The aim of the day was to visit as many fashion magazine and newspaper publications as possible. Why?, to promote the new season Christmas product and earn some brownie points by enticing the editors and journalists with hand massages, manicures, cupcakes and sticks of pink rock! (how fabulous)

First stop was Cosmopolitan and Harpers Baazar, a place I thought was sure to give me a 'behind the scenes' look into the high power position held by fashion publications rated highly in the Industry. I looked forward to the clicking of the heels on the marble foyer on the way to the lift. Do the girls really compete against each other in the daily fashion stakes? Are there any characters that resemble Cruella da Ville and abuse the high power position they're in even if they're in bits? The answer was NO. The women were lovely, they were on time and the conversation flowed easily. They were dressed immaculately yet differently and they did not seem to be in competition with each other. Raging! Very few of them actually needed the hand massage and manicure on offer by the lovely Kate from Champneys ( so I took her up on the offer and had mine done - amazeballs).

Next stop - The Daily Mail, You Magazine, Metro, The Independent, Evening Standard, ES Magazine - a sterile office space that resembled an American mall. Then we moved on to Grazia and from there on to the high quality newspaper publications of The Guardian and The Observer. The office space was vast and covered in one off Warhol and Bansky prints. Celebrity faces graced the walls in a block coloured photographic exhibiton. It was an impressive space and the people were lovely. Polly Vernon from The Observer, won my best dressed award of the day. She wore a grey and black Chanel tweed, frayed edge jacket, a silver felt top, leather panelled trousers with silver side zips and the latest off the runway aviator shearling boots! Put simply - she looked Faboosh!

(l-r) Hannah, Me and Hayley (Best Team Ever)

Thursday, 14th October

Day two of the press rodashow saw me and the fabulous team above go to more publications, this time the Daily Telegraph, Telegraph Magazine, Stella, Look, Times Magazine, The Times, Sunday Times Style, Fabulous and the Daily Express. Over the two days we had visited over twenty publications and seen over 70 journalists. All the time me and the team were chauffered around town in a blacked out mercedes. Too much fun was had carrying the clothes rail and too much fun was had falling over it. It was great day out and I was already looking forward to working with the team again. I suppose it helps that the press office is Karen Millens' old apartment, located on Regent and Oxford and spread over three floors with a brilliant view of the city. Hmmmm - one day!

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  1. Falling over clothes rails while eyeing up pink cupcakes is the true essence of glamour. Whipping around London in a blacked out Benz with gorgeous women is a Saturday night affair ;) loving it dave! Enjoy xx