Sunday, April 24, 2011

Going Places

Going places!

Sometimes in life it might seem like you are on a definite road to nowhere. In constant comparison to everyone else, one can feel like there life is a little less lived. Well it's time to ignore the other dancers and create your own dance off. Here's how to catch someones eye. This time make yourself the centre of attention, take over the club (maybe do a little jette and land in the box splits) this ought to have caught their eye and your friends will no doubt have their insides falling out with the laughter. Everybody loves a big ball of fun. Just last week when I was walking from Dalston to a friends house in Islington I saw a very reserved couple (ya'd think I knew them) staring at me, so I jumped up and did a scissor kick, clapped my hands under my legs and shouted champagne! It looked for a minute like they might have had a conjoined haemorrhage with the look of appalled shock on their faces! My message to them was this "life is hardly that bad, lighten the fuck up". There is enough doom and gloom without you walking around with the weight of the world on your face and you're doing your wrinkles no good either!

Message of the day: Let yourself go! Let your hair down (mine does be down meeee back), sachay away!

For now though...

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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