Thursday, April 21, 2011

"The State Of Her" ( I won't tell you who said that)

A Rough Breed of Social Climbers

If ever there was a case of social climbing and becoming famous or popular by way of association (think Mean Girls), this was it. People that are famous or as I like to call it 'well-known' for no other reason than being connected to somebody who was a genuine star. Think Peaches and Pixie Geldof. Their dad, Bob Geldof and mother Paula Yates were two very successful people in their chosen careers. Their daughters however do nothing but attend social events and parade around trying desperately to look cool. Peaches was recently given her own OMG awful show on ITV 2 which only proved one thing! She is no doubt the most pointless character you will ever meet in your life.

Their faces however grace some of the countries finest magazines and they are invited to every IT party in London town. How they do it I'll never know.

As for Pixie, she looked a whole lot of nothing special last night at a party in the prestigious W Hotel in Londons Leicester Square. The younger of the Geldof sisters, although no doubt prettier than her grungy sister still looked a mess. With scruffy hair that resembled a home died yellow platinum blonde and a midi length plain black jersey maxi, the social climber looked as if she had been dragged through the Serengeti on the back of a jeep her dad took to Africa in an attempt to save the world.  At a party attended by the fabulous Florence Welch and the ever trendy Pam Hogg and Jaime Winston, myself and a friend sipped on V + T's and tonnes of fresh lime under what is no doubt the largest disco ball on the face of the earth. 

Still though, we had a good time!

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