Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LFW - Erdem


If ever there was a designer that made trans-seasonal clothes it is Erdem Moralioglu. He says himself that the Erdem woman is one who "cares little about seasons", so why would this collection be any different. One thing is for sure, he has done with this collection what he has been treathening to do for a really long time, experimenting with the dark side and creating a series of looks that were almost haunting in parts. It was like the moon exploding in the night sky and causing havoc in the outer galaxy.

One by one the models appeared in midnight blue and navy hues that were splashed with colour in abstract patterns and shapes, no doubt the influence of his muse who "was an artist's wife who flies off the handle, tears apart her partners' canvases, and remakes them as pieces of clothing. The clothes told of this dark and compelling story in every way. The models walked to sombre music with tousled hair and dark make-up. Then the fabric lightened and an array of silk and sheer materials spattered with the same impressionist paint prints made it seem like maybe there was light at the end of the tunnel.

There was great range in that Erdem provided trouser suits, floor length skirts and dresses, short dresses, coats and knitwear while keeping with the dark theme, even the splashes of red and orange made it seem like she might have been to hell and back.

All in all a great collection from Erdem!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang xx

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