Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Louis Vuitton Rollercoaster Ride

Some people are afraid of their lives to take a ride on some of the modern day rollercoasters. However I don't know anybody in their right mind that would refuse a token to hop on board the new Louis Vuitton rollercoaster that they have installed in their Flagship Maison Store on New Bond Street. The window installation was a genius idea, a brilliant representation of the brand that has become synonomous with total luxury and more recently elegance of the highest order. The golden rollercoaster weaves and winds its way through ceilings, floors and walls to showcase some of the product from the latest Louis Vuitton Collection. The carnival theme is continued with two strategically placed ferris wheels which move ever so slowly around (think of the London Eye) highlighting the latest collection of handbags and shoes. The mannequins placed throughtout the whirlwind display are dressed in head designer Marc Jacobs' Cruise Collection looks for the brand which include a knee length 'A-line' 60's botton down dress in white canvas with a cream leather trim.

It would have been so easy for this rather large shiny gold rollercoaster to take precedence had the clothes and accessories not being so amazing. The 'Bisten' hardsided luggage bag with brass gold fittings and hard leather handle is probably my favourite of the collection. Even though I'm not normally a huge fan of the overworked branding of the logo, I love this piece of luggage!

Have a look.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang xx

* Some images courtesy of Fashion Foie Gras

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  1. what I wouldnt do for one of those suitcases