Monday, February 21, 2011

LFW: Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell is one of the longest established British designers showing at this years LFW. Her gaberdine raincoats, herringbone jackets and leather loafers are coveted items among fashion heads. This year Howell was under pressure from other designers as the "British Heritage" look (one which is synonomous with her label) became the must have look of the season. This is her territory though and she set out to prove it.

The show was perhaps more androgynous than usual, although not in the form of eccentric englishness that it usually portrays, this was a more laid back, austere approach. The clothes are undoubtedely designed both intelligently and for intelligent women. She experimented with new lengths and with great success too. The below knee chiffon skirts and ankle hugging trousers were quite simply perfect.

The thick leather-belted knits cinched above the waist line made even me want to wear it - this was a great collection from Howell and when you take in the fact that the models walked to music that sounded remarkably like a piece from Schindlers List  - it makes it all the more interesting!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang xx

This one is for you Linda, argyle knit, cropped trouser suit and dusty pink brogues - yes please!!!


  1. love the classic elegance of the collection

  2. Agreed - so simple but sooooo effective ;-)