Thursday, February 17, 2011

New York Fashion Week - Rodarte


Rodarte is always a show which attracts a huge amount of attention at NY fashion week. It has a loyal following among A-list celebs and the front row at this outing was no different. The first outfit to hit the runway was an ankle grazing prairie coat which set the theme perfectly for the remainder of the show. It was a chic little house on the prairie affair. Wheatprinted hems on floor lenght silk dresses perhaps the most obvious garment that gave notification of the houses' intentions to create an all american prairie look. This was followed by heavy knits in fresh neutral tones which were parted at the waist to give an "Oh I just threw this on, country girl feel".

The models wouldn't have looked out of place if they were running through fields of barley or cotton. Even the leather and ponyskin was detailed with geometric print that reminded me of picnic blanket. It truely was a step in the organic direction for Rodarte, whose normal aesthetic is draped glam.

There was however a flash of ruby red at the end, that might have looked out of place had the designers' Kate and Laura Mulleavy not said afterward that "We couldn't go to Nebraska and Kansas and not do a Wizard of Oz reference."

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang xx

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