Thursday, February 17, 2011

New York Fashion Week - Alexandre Herchcovitch

New York Fashion Week always brings out the industries glitterati and the front row is always jam-packed with Hollywood faces that support the brand and receive lots of free clothes in return. I have decided to select some of the shows that caught my eye regardless of the label name or the designers position and power within the industry.

Alexandre Herchcovitch

Alexandre brought a welcomed youthful approach to a New York fashion week that has been wrought with thoughts of what another designer might opt to send down the runway.

A magmafied sea of blacks, greys and browns with pops of neon yellows that rippled like waves down the side of a mountain, were undoubtedly taken from the designers study of volcano processes and effectively too. The result was a brilliantly gothic show that climaxed when the models appeared one after the other in an array of elasticated straight jackets with arms pinned tightly to their sides, impractical - yes, impactful - absolutely!

Other features on this exciting outing for Herchcovitch included bi-cep hi latex gloves, that for me offered a different approach to other designers slashed, loose to the wrist open arm gloves which we have seen in abundance in NY thus far.

For somebody who admittedly I hadn't heard of before last night, this show was a real eye-opener. It is no wonder Herchcovitch has such a loyal following on the underground, edgy NY scene. One of my favourites so far!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang xx

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