Saturday, February 19, 2011

London Fashion Week: Day 2 - Wake Up Little Suzie

11am - Betty Jackson

For a Saturday morning where the heavens opened and the temperature dropped, Somerset House, the venue for the majority of shows at LFW, was awash with celebrities, journalists, designers, bloggers, photographers and everyday fashionistas.

Jackson, an established British designer knows exactly how to put on a conclusive show and this one was no different. It started as it would finish, like the 'Red Sea'. The models swept slowly, somewhat Moses like down the runway (although some rather annoyingly stopped half way) in stiff cottons, floral printed silks and shearling in an array of colours, primarily the poppy red that took centre stage. Then came a change of pace and a lightening of mood from Jackson, with a purple high gloss rain parka, not the strongest of looks in the collection, but nevertheless functional, given it was afterall an A/W collection.

The white tights, chunky white and black wedge platforms and the backcombed, teased hair all gave nod to a grunge china girl look that Jackson said was "inspired by Patti Smith and the Chelsea Hotel in NY"

All in all, another very strong outing for Jackson and when the models reappeared once more is was to the beat of 'Wake Up Little Suzie' and it had me rocking in my seat!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang xx

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